Website headline how modified?

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Headline MetInfo website by three parts:
1, optimize text, such as "MetInfo promote enterprise website management system | enterprise website construction | enterprise website promotion", modify paths: optimization promotion = "SEO parameters configuration =" site keywords, this section can title when, when empty blank your website title will only display the site name;
2, website names like "extension information", modified rice paths: the system configuration = "basic information =" site name
3, optimizing promotion setting can set title in form, still can give the corresponding column editor columns a separate page title.



This text in the background "system configuration"-> "standby field"in the modified
Long-Shami Extension Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Tel :0731 -8,713,307,888,920,794
Mobile: 13888888888
QQ: 426507856 348468810
Zip Code: 410205

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